Wednesday, August 17, 2011

marriage of arts

So you know Jamie opened an Etsy shop a couple of months to start selling his nifty instrument lamps... well the other day he had this great idea to let me spray paint a few of them. Yeehaw!! Don't have to ask me twice to spray paint something. I was on it! So much fun. And then I ran around town taking photos of the fun lamps. Check 'em out...

(then it was raining so I took some photos in our living room...)

Jamie (and Jason) have been making lamp shades out of old sheet music, too. He's still working on that product idea, but I really love the ones they have made so far.

This Saturday is Jamie's debut at the Brooklyn Flea Market! He will have a booth set up of 35 instrument lamps and shades. (If you're in the neighborhood... stop by!)