Tuesday, August 16, 2011

random update

We finally got Audrie signed up for dance classes (ballet and tap) at the Broadway Dance Center and I'm soooo excited for her! She had a free trial class the other day and hasn't stopped talking about it. Her real class doesn't start until Sept 24 so we have a while to wait, but I hope she just loves it!

We also registered her this week for a two day a week preschool class that starts Sept 7th. And I'm super pumped about that! I think it's going to be so good for her (and us) to have Audrie in 'school' again.

And just to make sure she's really got a full calendar... Jamie booked Audrie for an 8 week tennis class. Oh my goodness... can't WAIT to see how that goes down!

She discovered that our stairwell is perfect for singing so here is a little video of Audrie belting out some made up song. (and please disregard how filthy the girls are... It had just rained and we let them stomp in the mud puddles in the park!)

In other news... We moved Annie's bed into Audrie's room a few days ago. I was unsure at first how they would do sleeping in the same room, but they are doing great! The first time (naptime) it took them over an hour to stop giggling, but they finally went to sleep. Now it's been five days and they go to sleep much faster (though it is cute to watch them on the video monitor). And for some strange reason Audrie now ASKS to go to bed and take naps. It's like she enjoys sharing a room with her sister! (Hope that lasts a few years.)

I took Annie to the pediatrician this morning and poor thing got three shots but she did awesome with it! So proud of her. (I tried to snap a quick pic in the doctors office but she is too fast!)

She weighs 21 pounds and 31 inches long. The doctor said Annie was a sweet and calm baby. I said Thank God, cuz wait until you meet the other one! ;)