Thursday, September 29, 2011

making friends

Audrie all dressed up (and posing) for her ballet class this weekend.


So we've lived here three months and are finally starting to establish some real friendships with other families in our neighborhood. It's so nice to have other people (aside from our dear friends Jason and Sam) to spend time with. 

Audrie actually had her first friend over to our apartment the other day and she was so excited about it. She and Corrina played dress up and giggled for a solid two hours. (And I got to sit and chat with Corrina's mom, too.) It was fun to have someone new in our home.

 Hunter is another friend Audrie has made at the park. His mom, April, will often text us to see if we want to get together at the park and play. (This is the boy whose dad is starring in Rent on Broadway.) A really sweet family! We're so glad to have made friends with them.
 This is Jessica and Audrie goofing off on the playground by our apartment. Jessica is in first grade but she and Audrie get along so great! They chase each other non-stop and have a great time playing together.
And actually any time we go to a park, both Audrie and Annie find new kids to play with almost immediately. These are not shy girls that's for sure!

Audrie got her first birthday party invitation the other day, so we're very excited about that! I told Jamie we had to hold off on being the first to RSVP so we wouldn't look so desperate. Ha! We're just excited to be making friends here.