Sunday, September 11, 2011

tennis, corn dogs, and cupcakes

We've almost been here two months now and there have definitely been some hard moments of homesickness. To help remind us of the adventure we are on we try to get out into "the city" a few times a week.

Jamie and I went to the tennis US Open the other night and had a blast! (Thanks to Jason and Sam for babysitting.)

Also last week we took the girls to the Shake Shack which is famous for their one-day-a-year (Labor Day) corndogs. 
 In front of the Shake Shack there were some street musicians that the girls really loved watching.
 They even let Annie join them on maracas. I think she could make a few bucks with this!
 Here is a photo I tried to snap of the four of us waiting in line to order our food.
 The corndogs were crazy amazing! (And the cheese fries were delicious, too.)
 Audrie drank all my chocolate shake. She did 'share' a few sips with me. :)
 Yesterday Jamie had to run some errands so I took the girls downtown to a famous cupcake shop.
 Audrie's favorite thing to watch on tv lately is Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, so I knew she would be thrilled about going here!

 Both the girls were very impressed with all the choices of yummy cupcakes.
 All of them have icing in the center, too. LOTS of sugar!
 Just what Audrie needed. :)
 The girls had an M&M cupcake, I got Rocky Road, and we took a Grasshopper chocolate mint cupcake home to Jamie.
 As we were leaving I asked a lady to snap our picture and she didn't really get us in the photo, but I thought I'd share it anyways.
I also had something kind of crazy happen. When we got off the subway downtown I was digging in my wallet for some cash because I wanted to buy the girls a bottle of water. I knew I only had a 5 dollar bill so I got it out. Right then there was a homeless man sitting there and I really felt the urge to give him my five bucks. But I really didn't want to because I was thinking 'how will I get the girls some water if I give away my only cash?'. But I went ahead and gave him my money. He thanked me and I walked away not really happy about it because I was thinking he would probably buy drugs with his panhandling.
Later at the cupcake place I totally forgot to ask for a bottle of water with my order, but when I left they were nice enough to give me two free cups of water (and in nyc it's rare that any place gives you something for free!). Ok, stay with me... then as the girls and I were walking back to the subway (on a completely different street) I saw that same homeless guy walking down the sidewalk our way. He looked up and saw me. He smiled really big and held up a sack from a local bagel shop. He said "I just ate breakfast thanks to you! God bless you and your sweet girls." Oh my gosh, I had cry a little as I told him you're welcome. It was such a blessing to me. I couldn't believe I was so grouchy over a stupid five dollars. It was an awesome little reminder that even something so trivial- God can turn into a learning moment.