Monday, September 19, 2011

Wimbledon 2026 Champion - by Jamie

In an effort to stay active through the winter we enrolled Audrie in a group tennis class that meets once a week. It started last week and this girl has the perfect combination of Serena Williams' power, Roger Federer's touch, and Maria Sharapova's good looks...
Who am I kidding, she can barely get the ball over the net but she does look adorable trying!

 There is one teacher in the class and three kids. They use kid sized everything (racquet, net, tennis balls).
 Here she is holding her racquet like a stop sign. She listened to her teacher so well.
 Annie watched...I'm imagining the next tennis superstar sister combo.
 Annie got so excited when a stray ball came her way.
 Look at that follow through...and she's stepping into the ball!! I'm already researching father-daughter doubles tournaments!
I don't know if she will have any interest in tennis and it won't bother me if she doesn't...but it can't hurt to start early!