Saturday, October 15, 2011

how are things?

This is just a random update on how we're doing (and some photos from my phone, too).

I think things are starting to stable out a bit for us. For awhile there were really bad days and really good days and not much middle ground. But it seems lately that the roller coaster has smoothed out and we are seeing 'a life' starting to emerge.

The girls do much better traveling around on the subways and buses. (Of course it might have something to do with the fact that we give them lollipops anytime we go more than 20 minutes on the train!)

 (Audrie is in her leotard because we were coming back from her ballet class.)
 There is SO much to do in this city every day of the week. It's almost a little too much pressure, because I want to do it ALL.  And tons of kid friendly events, too. A few weeks ago I took the girls to a musical festival in Battery Park because they were featuring one of my favorite folk singers, Tom Chapin. Audrie loves his songs, too.
 At the festival they had lots of activities for kids. Audrie loved the painting exhibit! It was so cool. They had glued together some cardboard boxes cut out in the shape of a skyline. They gave the kids cups of paint and a brush and just let them go at it!
 Audrie could have stayed right there for hours!
 The coolest thing was that in the background of her painting was this inspiration...
 Annie joined the fun for a minute but then she started eating the paint, so I had to squelch that.
 On the walk home we saw a double-dutch jump rope group performing so we stopped to watch for a bit.
 We see street performers almost every day. And it's always something different. Here is a hip-hop group doing a fun routine. Imagine how cool Audrie thinks it is to see people performing 'for her' all the time?! :)


Today we were getting ready to get on the subway and I saw a little mariachi quartet group about to get on, so I walked down to their train car with them because I knew the girls would love watching it on the train ride (it's like free babysitting entertainment!).

 It is starting to get colder here, so we're all wearing jackets and scarves. The heat radiators haven't come on in our apartment yet, but I'm interested to see how that is going to work out when it does.
 Jamie is still loving his new job as Mr. Mom. I know he gets tired of me asking him all the time if he is doing ok with the new role and prying to see if he's really ok. But he honestly loves it and is truly enjoying this time he gets to bond with Audrie and Annie. (And occasionally Baby Samuel...)
 And my job is... well it's still insanely hard, but I'm finding ways to make it manageable for me. I still get nervous every morning as I walk into work and I constantly pray for help throughout the day. But I will say that the rewarding side of this job is like nothing I've ever experienced. These kids are starving for affection and when you give them even a little love they just glow.

I gave them a writing reflection the other day to do at the end of class and at the bottom I let them write any question they wanted to ask me (I got some interesting ones, ha!). But this one really touched me...

So we are really doing good. Living in New York City is really starting to feel 'normal', which seems a little crazy! :)