Saturday, October 08, 2011

lil sam

 We get to spend lots of time with our friends Jason and Sam and their super cutey little boy, Samuel. Usually once or twice a week we will babysit Samuel and he is THE easiest baby to hang out with. He's only 8 months old so he doesn't get into everything, throw fits, or sass us- like two little blond girls that we know.
 And the great thing is that every now and then we cash in those babysitting hours and go on a date night! Which doesn't seem like a fair trade for Jason and Sam, but we love it.

(I like this next photo of Samuel because it seems like he is saying "how YOU doin'?"... who could resist those smoldering blue eyes and that sweet mohawk?!)

He's just too stinkin' cute. I couldn't help but snap these quick photos of him the other day.

But then he was over it...

So Audrie read him a story.
We love you, Baby Sammy-o!