Monday, October 03, 2011

picnic in the park

 Saturday afternoon Jamie and I took the girls to Central Park to play and have a picnic. It was one of those perfect evenings as a family that you just want to hang onto forever.
 We absolutely love Central Park and since the girls are getting better about dealing with the subway we try to go downtown a little more often now. It's still crazy to be playing in the park like any old day, but have these beautiful skyscrapers towering nearby.
 Of course we made a stop at the Carousel. Audrie smiled the whole time!
 We found a beautiful spot to spread out our picnic blanket.
 The spot we chose was in the "Sheep's Meadow" of Central Park- a 15 acre pasture of the prettiest green grass!
 The girls ate quickly so they could run off and play.
 It was nice to stretch out and relax for awhile.
 Annie kept running off into the green meadow, but Audrie was 'nice enough' to bring her back. :)
 Behind us were some climbing rocks that the girls had fun on.
 The weather is definitely starting to get cooler here, so it was nice to fit this picnic in while it was still warm enough.
We said it was a good day because we got home and both girls had grass stains on their clothes! :)