Saturday, November 12, 2011

the ballet

Last week Audrie and I got to her ballet class early before anyone had arrived yet, so I turned some music on my phone and let her dance. It was so sweet to watch her dance all over the room.

 The dance company that teaches her class is amazing and they have tons of photos lining the walls of famous Broadway actors who have studied there. But they are strict about no photos or video of the classes (and actually parents sit outside the doors and aren't allowed to watch class- they don't want us to "distract" the dancers).
 But Audrie is learning a lot and having a blast so I'm glad she is able to have this experience here in nyc.
 In a couple of months they are going to measure her for her recital costume... can't wait to see that performance!
 I'm pretty sure this next 'move' is something she made up on her own...!
Oh, Audrie. I'd love to have a little glimpse into your future! I can only imagine where your personality is going to take you.