Friday, November 18, 2011

just another saturday

 Last Saturday Jamie and I headed out with the girls and I decided to finally bring my camera along to try to capture some of the fall leaves in our neighborhood (as well as to get some photos of a typical Saturday for us here in the city).
 I am absolutely loving the Fall here! My walk to work every morning is really stunning and even though my job is stressful, I try to enjoy my beautiful walk on the way.
 The leaves in our neighborhood are so bright yellow!
 We are thankful that we are still able to be outside with the girls now, too.
 You can see Audrie likes it, too!

 The cold air makes Annie's face water, but she loves being outside. So much that we have to avoid saying that word around her! :)
 Jamie looking all cute in his man-scarf.
 We were meeting Jason and Sam at the subway station and the girls always get excited when they see them coming...

 Yay, it's Jason and Sam (and Samuel)!!
 We got on the subway train to head downtown.
 Annie gets really excited when she hears the train coming and points her long little finger out in excitement every time.
 We rode down to 82nd street which is one of our favorite neighborhoods to spend time in. Lots of family friendly things to do around there.

 And the leaves there were just as gorgeous!

 And of course there is a Starbucks on every corner (which we frequent often)!
 As well as cute random stores that sell just about anything you can think of...
 Annie looking all sweet...
 All the cute stores are so tempting to me and it's hard for me not to want to SHOP every single day here.
 As we walked along I was reminded how every few feet it seems there is a beautiful photo spot just waiting for a photo shoot...

 Random photo of Sam pushing Samuel in the stroller (we have one of these plastic bubbles for our stroller, too- so great to keep warmth in and the girls actually don't mind it).
 Me and Jamie...
 Me and my two little crazy girlies.
 We were walking up and down the sidewalk trying to kill time while we waited for our table at a restaurant. (Thanks, Jamie, for the photos.)
 Samuel is awake!
 We were standing next to some neat red church doors, so we played a game for a few minutes pretending to knock on various people's door (Santa, Elmo, Grandma, a scary troll, etc).

 Finally our table was ready. It's a big feat when we all attempt to sit down for a meal together at a restaurant! When the waitress asked how many, Jason said 4 adults and twenty kids- because that's what it feels like sometimes! :)
 Jason was very patient with Audrie while she showed him every letter she has learned to write at school.
 And we were as equally impressed with Samuel's ability to feed himself cheerios!
 We ate at the Popover Cafe that is famous for it's amazing 'popover' muffins. So delicious! We actually made it through the meal and had a lovely brunch together.
 Then back on the subway to head back home. I really like this photo of Jamie and Audrie in the subway station.
 Annie waiting for her train to arrive...

Audrie is just another new yorker on the subway...

 Sam helped entertain Annie on the ride home.
 And here we are back on our block (that's our apartment building on the right).
 Audrie was tired from all the walking that morning...

 Both girls always race each other up the steps. "Home sweet home".  :)

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed a little insight into a Saturday morning for us.