Sunday, November 27, 2011

macy's day parade

 A few years ago we came up to nyc to visit Jason and Sam (actually it was when I was pregnant with Audrie) and we went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade then. It was MADNESS, but fun. Since we knew it would be so crowded we decided not to take the girls this year, but did opt to go downtown the night before and watch them air up the balloons.
It was hard to get a good photo on my phone in the dark, but I did capture a few. (I like this one because Annie and I are both too distracted by the huge balloons to look at the camera...)
 It was really cool to see all the huge cartoon character balloons and Audrie loved it.
 It was cold so we didn't hang out too long. We did meet up with Caleb for the subway ride home.

It was fun to watch the parade on TV the next morning and listen to Audrie exclaim about all the balloons she had seen the night before!

I know there are some things you just 'have' to do in this city, so maybe next year (if we're still here) we will be brave and take the girls to go stand with the 3.5 million people at the parade!