Sunday, January 15, 2012

c'est la vie

Just some random iphone photos from the past few weeks.

Everywhere you go downtown there are these Statue of Libertys at random stores. And for some reason Audrie loves them and always wants her picture taken with them!

I'm not sure if I already posted this, but a few weeks ago I got my official New York State teacher license. Since I have my National Board Certification (which allows me to teach anywhere in the US) it was super easy to just transfer my teacher certification from Arkansas. No tests or fees.
I really miss having a piano in our home! But we do have a full size keyboard that I get out every now and then for the girls to bang on. Annie loves it!
Annie looks so cute in her headphones. I think she needs some Beats! (I actually do want a pair. Maybe when we win the lottery!)
 Jamie is still making tons of lamps and sells a couple a week. It's so neat to watch him create new lamps. His products are featured on a new website.

We try to hang out with Jason and Sam (and Sammy-o) a couple times a week. The girls love them!
Jamie's Aunt Barbara, Uncle Mike, and two boys Michael and Ryan, came to visit a few weeks ago. It was so fun to have them here!
Annie smiling as we wait in line for the carousel in Central Park (the girls favorite spot in the city).
I can't believe Audrie is going to be FOUR in few weeks!
Jamie's cousin Ryan took a photo for us while they were visiting. (Isn't my husband a cutey?)
Annie actually fell asleep in her stroller the other day. And if you know our girls- that is really unusual!
I made Annie breakfast in bed the other day... buffet style!
My brother Caleb is still staying with us and trying to find a job. Annie thinks he's the greatest thing ever. Maybe he should take her with him to a job interview...?
But maybe not until we get her hair under control! We've had the most trouble with Annie's hair. My goodness. We tried bangs and it was ok for awhile but now she's got this Jeff Daniel's (from Dumb and Dumber) look going on and we're just hoping it all grows out soon. :)

But she's still so stinkin' cute. Love her!

Annie has actually been really sick the past couple of days. The pediatrician said it is RSV and we've been giving her lots of meds and TLC. I hope she is better soon. We miss our smiley happy girl.
Ok that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by! :)