Sunday, January 08, 2012

song and dance

Audrie is still in love with singing and dancing and we love watching her perform for us all day long! I thought I'd share a couple of videos with you...

  Her ballet class doesn't allow the parents to sit in on the class, but the other day they had an open session where parents could come watch. Jamie took several videos on his phone for me (because I wasn't able to go). Here is one of my favorites:
And while we were in Arkansas for Christmas, Donna's church asked me to play the piano since their music person would be gone. I had Audrie come up during the offering to sing in front of everyone (her first official "on stage" debut). She climbed up on the piano bench next to me and sang into the microphone. My heart was just bursting I was so proud of her. (She did make up her own version of "Joy to the World"...)