Wednesday, February 29, 2012

special story

Ok so here's the backstory... 

Every night when I put Audrie to bed I make up a bedtime story for her. I started doing this when she was about a two years old. They usually involve a "moral to the story" about something that Audrie did that day. Then about a year ago I started making up a nightly story about a little girl named Clara and her purple puppy dog named Dodo (pronounced Doh-doh). I honestly don't know where these characters came from in my mind, but Audrie seemed to love them so I just kept the stories coming.

Clara and Dodo have had many adventures over the past year! :)

So this year for Audrie's birthday I decided to write down a Clara and Dodo story. And since my brother Caleb is staying with us (and he happens to be a clever artist/doodle-ist) I asked him if he would mind illustrating my story.

Caleb said he would do it. I was excited! But I had no idea what Clara and Dodo looked like, so I just gave Caleb a few descriptive words and let him go for it.

So here is the story we gave to Audrie for her birthday. (Caleb did add color to all these pages, but I I keep forgetting to take new photos of the color version... so you get the black and white!)