Friday, May 18, 2012

730 days ago

Today is Annie's birthday. We celebrated earlier in the week and I have pictures to post, but I wanted to officially say Happy Birthday to our Annie Bannanie.

Last night, Jamie and I sat out on the fire escape (our thinking spot... doesn't Winne the Pooh have a thinking spot... or is that Blue's Clues?). Anyways, we sat there as the sun set and laughed about all the insane details of Annie's arrival into this world two years ago.
(photos by Kim)

We heard someone at church last weekend describe their two year old as having a "high tolerance for risk" and we both thought that was a perfect description of Annie, too. 

Annie has no fear. Would scale the side of a mountain if we would simply let her go. She is demanding and adorable. Her sweet hugs are so tight and followed by a sneaky snot wipe. She still loves to cuddle and her favorite pastime is playing with baby dolls and eating markers (well, if you don't count following Audrie around).

 WE LOVE YOU, ANNIE BETH!! Happy Birthday, sweetie.