Wednesday, May 02, 2012

what have we been up to?

Ok, I'm so behind on blogging that I really should divide all this up into about ten different posts, but I decided to just dump it all on you at once. Hang on. Here we go.

This is what we've been up to lately!

 Audrie finally had her first dentist appointment. She did awesome! So proud of her.

 We took the girls for a bike ride through Central Park. It, to date, has been the most fun thing we have done in this city!!! Our faces hurt from smiling.
Annie even kept her helmet on.

 I hadn't ridden a bike in several years so I was a little nervous about testing that out again with my 1 year old strapped to my bike. But it was no problem picking it up and we all had a blast.
 Our cheesy grins in this photo truly capture how perfectly cliche this afternoon was. As I pedaled alongside Jamie through Central Park, cool breeze in the spring air, our girls giggling and waving at everyone, I honestly thought skittles and rainbows were going to fall from the sky. It was that much stupid fun!

 On the other hand, my job here is still kicking my butt and I eat a lot of chocolate to cope! :)
 I also have started attempting to sew. It's going better than I thought, but that's only because my expectations were set REAL low.
 (Random out of order photo here of the girls being their cute selves.)
 Here I am modeling a skirt I made. It's super comfy and just the fact that it doesn't fall apart when I wear it is a good enough accomplishment for me.
 I took Annie to a Gymboree class here in Manhattan. She LOVED it! And I loved having that one-on-one time with my baby girl.
 This was another one of those moments where it felt very "normal" to be inside this Gymboree class- because it felt exactly the same as the class I took Audrie to in Arkansas. The only difference is that the guy leading the class was extremely talented, creative, and sang improvised arpeggios to the standard Gymboree songs. I guess starring on Broadway wasn't panning out for him, so he settled for this! :)
 Annie playing hide-and-seek.
 And having the time of her life.

 Parachute time!

 Jamie and I went on a date night to the International Car Show. Super fun!
 Love this man.
 And Jamie is still making a ton of lamps. He got ten new orders just this week, so I've been trying to help him out a little. I love that he is doing this!
 The girls doing a science/art project I found on Pinterest. Captured their attention for a good 30 minutes! Food dye in vinegar dropped onto baking soda. Sizzling colors. Viola!
 Growing up so fast.
 Still in love with the view from our bedroom window.
 The two things I need to make it through a tough afternoon at school- caffeine and bribery.
 An odd message on the back of a car parked in our neighborhood.
 We took Audrie to see a high school production of Beauty and the Beast (our friend, Jason, was musical director). It was awesome! I cried a little. Audrie adored it.

 These two are pretty fun to live with.
 Constant state of make-believe in our apartment.
 Oh, yes, I totally bought these...!
 We had some of NYC friends over for dinner and served up: fried chicken, beans, cornbread, fried tators, and Paula Deen's mac and cheese. It was delicious! They loved it. But we were enjoying the grease and sangria so much that I didn't get a picture of anything except my plate...
 Audrie's fortune in her cookie the other day was way too perfect for her...
 Me and Jamie being idiots.
 Annie making another new friend at the park. (We had a little cold spell and had to get the big coats and hats back out.)
 Dangerously we have an awesome shoe store a few blocks from our apartment. Tons of cute shoes for $20 or less! My weakness!
 We did some spring cleaning the other day. Sorting through the girls clothes is my least favorite task. I get so caught up in the memory of each outfit that it takes me forever to get it done!
 Annie played in a cardboard box for over an hour the other night. She kept dragging new items inside it and building her nest. Her hairdo at the moment helped the homeless portrayal! :)
 This past weekend Audrie got fitted for her ballet recital costume. So excited!!
 Last night Jamie and I sat on the fire escape outside our bedroom window and had our usual conversation of "do we really live here?".
Whew. Ok, that's what has been happening lately here in Cornett world. Thanks for making it through this blog post. I'll try to do better at the blogging updates!

Love you all. Miss you all!