Saturday, June 02, 2012

life goes on

 I took this picture above with my Instagram and liked how it captures the energy of this city.

Once again I'm behind on blogging, so I'm going to just dump a big update here. I was whining to Jamie the other night about how I think I'm going to have to give up on blogging. I still enjoy it (and love the keepsake value) but I just don't have the time to keep it up. I think I'll just make my goal- to blog once a month- and if I exceed that amount then good for me. :)

Ok, here we go.

Jamie's Instrumental Lighting business has been busier than ever. 5-6 lamps a week and doing more street fairs and markets on the weekends. In case you didn't see on his Facebook, Jamie sold a lamp last weekend to movie star Ethan Hawke. I was there with the girls visiting Jamie at the street fair in Chelsea. Ethan Hawke came up with his wife and kids, very nice and he was excited about Jamie's lamps. He introduced me to his baby daughter and talked to Annie. Just a normal guy. Who happens to be a movie star.
 While we were at the street fair Audrie got her face painted. Butterfly of course.
 I snapped this photo of Annie on the train the other day. She makes this face often. Eyebrows furrowed. Weight of the world on her. She gets very worried about people she loves. If Jamie doesn't get a seat on the train, she makes this face and asks people to move so her daddy can sit down. Or if Audrie trips and falls, or if I sigh for any reason... Annie makes this face and says "You okay? You okay?". Such a caring heart.
 Audrie is growing up into such a young girl these days. Somewhere in between preschooler and miss independent. Lately she's been really into how much things cost and what we need money for. She told me yesterday she would help me clean the whole house if I would give her a quarter. You can bet I took that deal while I can! :)
 Jamie's cousin, Trevor, and his girlfriend, Olivia, came in from Michigan to stay with us for a few days. Annie deems herself the ambassador, of course, and was quick to give them a tour of Central Park (we rented bikes again and had a blast riding the six miles around the park with them).
 Trevor and Olivia got a little more than they bargained for with our 'bed and breakfast'. I guess we should change our sign to say "Bed and Breakfast and Babysitting"?!
 I took Audrie on a day date last Saturday. We went shopping in the East Village (Audrie actually likes shopping and is always asking to go buy cute shoes... be still, my heart). Then we saw the movie, Chimpanzee. So good!! (But a bit heart-wrenching.)
 I love any one-on-one time I get to spend with Audrie. (I hope God blesses me with a boy someday, but I do have to say I love having girls!)
 Especially when they devour blue popsicles and get really messy....!!
 Poor Annie was playing in the sandbox at the park last weekend and she tripped and face planted right into the sand (with a snotty nose).... eeeeewwww!
 Her and Audrie are still the best of friends and play with each other so well. I'm not sure what age that will start to change (can I be naive and hope they will just be best friends all through their teens??).
 My dear friend Kate came to town with her family last weekend and it was such a huge blessing to get to spend some time with her. Aside from work, I've been going through a rough chapter in my life and it was wonderful to hug a friend!
 Jamie and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary two weeks ago. We usually try to do something adventurous on our anniversary but since our life the past year has been enough of an adventure, we decided to keep it sweet and simple this year. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset and made some new promises to each other. Somehow marriage vows seem more meaningful when you have ten years of ups and downs to base them on.
 A few pictures of the girls playing at the park this weekend.
 Going down the slide together... backwards and upside down!
 Who needs a trainer when you have young children??
 The girls both have so many bumps and scrapes that we just cover them in neosporin every night after baths. (I was thinking that Neosporin should make a children's bath wash...?)
 Even these two active girls stop every once in a while to rest on daddy.
 I am really looking forward to summer. 18 more days left of school. I do have to work through the summer, but the hours are shorter (9-4) and no students, so I should be breathing a bit easier. We have several guests coming and going over the next two months, a beach vacation, and Jamie and I are planning a weekend get-a-way to Niagara Falls. Oh and Annie is going to potty train herself. Going to be a great summer! ;)