Tuesday, August 07, 2012

the park

If you read my blog then you know how in love we are with the park that is right out our front door. And if you read my blog then you're probably sick of hearing about the stupid park and thinking "my goodness, you live in NYC, can't you find something better than THE PARK to blog about??". :)

Nope. This post is about the park.

Our park. As we like to call it.

My favorite part is the lovely shade the trees provide as I start my walk to work. It's the last tranquil moment of my day.

 And I like the play equipment that is designed to look like the George Washington Bridge. So cool.
 Here is Annie running towards me with a huge grin and a "MOMMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!".
Love her.
 She still says it wrong (and so cute) "Hold you, mommy?"
 "Pwease?" (How can you resist those puppy dog eyes?)
 Here is Jason saying "Why, yes, please take my picture."

 Annie swinging and loving it.
 Just soaking up the sun.

 More pics of the park.

Jason and Samuel supervising the shoe tying. (We have been able to see them more this summer and it's been so great!)

 Push me higher, daddy!
 Jason and Sammy-o leaving the park.
 I told Audrie and Jamie to strike a pose for me.
 Love these girls! (Thanks, Jamie, for the picture.)
 The park also has an area for some rock climbing. Which about gives me a stroke because Annie runs across them at full speed.
 A nice grassy area to run around in.
 Park benches to climb on. (Not sit. No. These girls don't believe in sitting.)

 Then it's just a hop, skip, and a jump back home.
I'll see if we can do something more exciting this week so you don't have to hear anymore about the park! :)