Friday, November 02, 2012

mama lowery

My mom came up for a visit last week and it was SO wonderful having her here. The girls had a blast hanging out with her. Jamie and I enjoyed her company and extra help!

My mom, always in teacher mode, was showing Annie how to use her Kindle.

Riding the subway with Audrie...
 My mom and I took the girls to an adorable little cafe called Alice's Teacup. It was just as magical as I hoped it would be. (When we walked in they sprinkled the girls with fairy dust and had them make a wish.)
 They served us a lovely pink raspberry tea and we ordered some tasty sandwiches and soup.
 Annie had a little trouble sipping from the fine china, so we let her use a spoon to drink her tea.

We visited the Statue of Liberty... ha!
 I had never been to the Highline Park so we walked a few million blocks but then found it.
Me and my mom at the Highline...
 Besides having my mom here to love on us, it was nice for Jamie and I get a chance to get away and spend some time together.
Audrie and Annie miss their Grandma Lowery so much already! Hurry back, mom!