Friday, December 21, 2012

reasons why my life is ridiculous

 Two random pictures I took yesterday while walking around the city. (Birds on 5th Avenue and a woman on a billboard.)
So most of the time I think my life here in NYC is ridiculous. Some days it's ridiculously awful and some days it's ridiculously amazing.  But either way it's not normal. At least not to this small town southern girl.

That doesn't mean I don't love the non-normal. That's one of the reasons why we moved here. Because normal was getting boring. And ridiculous looked kind of fun.

Here is a por ejemplo of what I find ridiculous (as in "is this my life?!"):
Thursday morning I got up and walked a mile and a half to work, because that's what I do every day when it's not raining or snowing or crazy cold (in those cases I take the subway). As soon as I got to school I had to get ready to leave again because I was taking the sixth grade on a field trip. I was helping organize the trip, so it was my job to lead the group.

So we (me, 100 eleven year olds, and chaperones) walked the two blocks from my school to the subway station, coraled everyone onto the One train, rode down to Columbus Circle, transferred all hundred kiddos onto the B train, got off at Bryant Park (where Fashion Week is hosted) to go ice skating at the outdoor rink there.

In the midst of herding all those students on the subway through New York City... I thought to myself "this is ridiculous".

Before we moved to NYC and would visit- I would have never imagined even GOING ON THE SUBWAY BY MYSELF let alone being responsible for taking the entire sixth grade with me.

On the way back from the field trip, one of the chaperones thought it would be quicker if we walked through Times Square to catch the subway there (so we wouldn't have to transfer trains). So I said yes and lived to regret it. I almost had a stroke trying to coral all those kids through Times Square in the holiday season. Ridiculous!

Ok so after work I had the luxury of having the evening to myself since Jamie and the girls are out of town. So I got on the subway again and decided to head downtown to 5th Avenue/ Rockfeller Center area to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

So there I was strolling down 5th Avenue, past the Bergdorf window displays, Tiffany's, Harry Winston's, FAO Schwarz, the Plaza... and it wasn't like I was trying to be all "look at me I'm New Yorky"... it was just me doing some regular Christmas shopping. And I had to take a moment to look away from my shopping list to look around and think how ridiculous it all was.

We took the girls down to see THE Rockefeller Christmas tree the other night and it was magical.

 These are the times that I find ridiculously amazing. The times that are ridiculously awful are too personal to share on here. Those are the times I call my friends or family and sob into the phone.

The best advice I've received is how this is just a chapter in our lives. A season. Life will always have it's joys and pains no matter the geography. For now this is where God has placed us. In the heart of New York City. So I will enjoy the amazing times that we have here!