Sunday, December 30, 2012

Three months of life!

Ok I'm determined to get caught up on blogging before the New Year hits with all it's new goals and resolutions. Sorry for bombarding you with THREE months of happenings, but here we go. I'll start with October...

The leaves were really beautiful in NYC this fall. This is a picture of the George Washington Bridge next to our apartment.
 Annie has been LOVING going to school twice a week. Here she is with her backpack leaving our apartment.

And another picture of her at school. Her teachers think she is pretty awesome.
 Even though I do lay their outfits out for school each day, I am sad that I don't get to take the girls to school. Jamie will often text me photos of how they look that morning before school...

A few photos from an afternoon at a playground in Central Park.

A taxi parked on our street.
 The weekend before Halloween Audrie's ballet class had a dress-up day, so I let her go as a rockstar. She loved it!
 But then later on the train home I accidentally snapped a photo of her mid-blink eating a cookie and she looked more like a rockstar in need of rehab... ha!
 Right before Halloween, Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. It was such a strange week for us because we were not affected by any damage- we never even lost power. Yet the other half of NYC was devastated.

The only annoyance for us was that we were stuck indoors for a week. The parks were closed and the subway wasn't running. We had to be creative with things to keep the girls entertained!

(Movie night in their carseats...!)

 Annie went out with me the morning after the Hurricane to survey the damage...

 We cut and pasted magazine collages...
 Made fruit loop necklaces...
 And I printed off coloring sheets of our faces and let the girls color them all silly.

 Thankfully we did get invited on a playdate at a neighbor's apartment. So we cleaned up and headed out.
 Our neighbor has a 2 year old little girl and they all had a blast decorating cookies and playing together for a few hours.
 Finally Halloween arrived and we had a day full of costume changes. We started as princesses headed to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast with the Burrows.
 I don't know if you can see in this next photo but Annie had a Marilyn Monroe moment in her dress!
 We met Jason and Sam and Samuel for some breakfast (I honestly think this was the first time we had really gotten out of the apartment since the Hurricane).
 Annie has this thing that she does when she is attempting to pout. She crosses her arms across her chest and HUFFS a big sigh. It's very dramatic and no one can take her seriously when she does it!
 Pausing on the street to smile with daddy.
 Then we stopped in the store to get some groceries... in their dresses of course.
 That night we got ready for Trick or Treating. The girls both had asked to be the Little Mermaid for Halloween so I started by spraying their hair with red spray tint.
 (FYI- I was worried about it washing it out, but it honestly came out that first night in the bath.)
They were both super excited to put on their costumes!

Jamie and I usually dress up with the girls, but we weren't even sure if Halloween would happen due to the Hurricane so we had to throw something on last minute. I decided to put on a red cape as some sort of crazed Red Riding Hood.
 I let the girls wear red lipstick and they thought that was a really special thing!

 Pretty mermaids!

 Then we headed over to Jason and Sam's to pick them up for trick or treating in our neighborhood.
 They dressed as the Flintstone Family! SO cute.
 We walked up and down the neighborhood getting candy from all the stores and cafes along the way.
 We didn't stay out long, but the girls had fun and got a ton of candy.

 We got home and let the girls eat whatever they wanted from their loot (after I swiped the chocolate of course!).

 Ok, so that brings you up to date on October! Thanks for reading all this!