Friday, May 03, 2013

well hello there

 I can NOT believe I only blogged THREE times in April! I haven't been that much of a blog slacker since the very first month I started this blog in 2006 (wow, have I been blogging for 7 years?). Anyways, my apologies to everyone and I hereby vow to get back on the blogging wagon.

So, here are 60 photos of what the Cornetts have been doing in NYC these days. 

Audrie with her friend Katie- riding the Cadi around the park!

Jamie doing our taxes. This is exciting stuff people. :)

Two little girls. Two huge sunglasses.

For anyone who says having girls is easier. :)

My cute brunch dates.

Aunt Wendy came to visit!

A photo I took near Lincoln Center.

Did I mention that Jamie is training for the NYC Marathon?!

Just hanging out with Annie.

I still carry Annie in our baby carrier when we are doing a lot of walking around the city.

Annie doing some self-decorating.

Took the girls to their favorite museum, the "Dinosaur Museum" aka Natural History Museum.

One of my favorite photos I've taken in this city. I took if from a window inside the Natural History Museum overlooking Central Park.


A photo I took on a run I did from Central Park down to Times Square.

Another photo I took in Columbus Circle.

Sheesh, I take a lot of photos. This one is inside Central Park. So lush and pretty this time of year!

Babysitting Sammy-oh!

Holding hands as we walked over to Jason and Sam's apartment.

Me being silly at school with a giant Afro wig.

One of my best friends from sixth grade was in town, so we met up for dinner.

Audrie came along, too.

We had fun playing tourists... Top of the Empire Building late at night (and falling asleep on the subway home).

Annie ready for a fun day at school!

Annie and her boyfriend, Maxim!

Annie and her prince, Daddy, taking a nap.

Audrie getting serenaded at Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square.

I caught Annie dancing on the top of her dresser in her cowboy boots.

Picnicking in Central Park.

Pretty sure Annie and Audrie have the exact same smile in these two pictures.

Annie and Jamie enjoying the sunshine.

Good day, sunshine.

Me and Annie.    (my mom asked if I got bangs and I explained that I always have bangs but I usually swoop them to the side or wear them mixed in with my curls.)

At our picnic we had a squirrel that kept getting closer and closer until he was finally eating out of my hand!

Picnic Instagram collage.

Me and Jamie.

Playdate with some neighbor friends that we love hanging out with.

Audrie eating pizza with two of her friends, Charlie and Corina.

Double duty for Jamie pushing the girls in the swings at the park.

Something random about NYC... you can buy not-so-legal dvds of any new release movie for $5 on the street here. The girls get excited when we see these people selling dvds!

Annie with her ice-cream doppelganger.

Annie pretending to take a nap on the subway.

Audrie (and E.T.) riding the 4 story Ferris Wheel inside Toys-R-Us in Times Square.

We took a walk across the GW Bridge (next to our apartment).

A photo I took from the bridge.

Me and Audrie headed out for an afternoon of girl time. Pretty girl!

She's getting so tall and grown up!

Took her to the dentist (which she loves!), then to get pedicures, and Pinkberry Ice Cream. Fun day!

Annie showing off her favorite pajamas.

Audrie brushing her teeth and rocking some sweet turquoise nail polish.

Annie doing what she does best... scaring people at the park with her death-defying feats.

Pic I took in Central Park. Spring is here!

Audrie pushing Annie on the swing. These two are really the best of friends.

Me and Audrie swinging.

Audrie and Annie watching the city go by on the Uptown 1 train.
Ok, another update done! I'll post tomorrow with an update on where we are at with all our "Move Back to Arkansas" plans. 7 weeks?!