Wednesday, June 05, 2013


 Life is such a roller coaster right now! We are counting down the days until our big move while still trying to enjoy the last weeks of our life in NYC.

We have started packing, so that's exciting and bittersweet.

Here are a few random photos of what else has been going on these days... (these pictures are all out of order from over the past month):

Jamie dropped the girls off with me for a few hours one afternoon and I let them run my classes... my students loved it.

We took a trip to Roosevelt Island on Memorial Day and had a picnic with friends.

Audrie and two of her best friends from our neighborhood, Carina and Charlie.

Jamie and Annie on the ferry to Roosevelt Island.

Lady Liberty waving at us from afar.

Our friend Boris teaching Audrie to play baseball.

Our friend Claudia soaking up the sun on Roosevelt Island.

Jamie napping in the sun.

The kids found a Bouncy House on Roosevelt Island.

Picnicking on Roosevelt Island.

Ok- so random- Jamie put his name in a school fundraiser raffle while we were on Roosevelt Island and he ACTUALLY won the grand prize- an electric guitar signed by the band Phish...! The funniest thing was that he had to carry it around all day and on the subway home.

The had bands performing on the island, but once the shows were over the kiddos got up and put on their own dance show.

Getting ready to get back on the ferry back to Manhattan.

Jamie and I.

View of lower Manhattan from the ferry.

Friends, Cash and Charlie.

I'll have to blog more about this later, but Audrie is reading sentences now and IT IS SO FUN to watch her go through this process!! This screen shot is a few sentences I was making up for her on the subway home one night from a late dinner last month. This week she has started reading short books and I just love watching the "reading lightbulb" come on for her as she sounds out each story.

Picnic in Central Park with a group of teachers from my school.

Love this photo of Annie and Jamie!

Audrie made a friend at the park- played with this girl for the longest time.

Then I actually lost track of Audrie for a minute but thankfully found her in the trees. She told me she was "in the forest finding beautiful things for her collection".

I'm pretty sure Audrie was a mermaid in her former life...!

Ok, this is great. The other day the girls told me that wanted to eat breakfast in their carseats, because they had thought of this "grand creative idea" of pretending to eat in a car... I just laughed because they think that is such a silly idea, when they will probably be doing that a lot soon!

Sweet photo of the girls zooming off in the sunset on their scooters and Annie was calling out "wait for ME, Audrie!".

Jamie selling lamps at the Chelsea street fair. He has still been doing really great with this side business! So proud of him.

The girls modeling their matching handkerchief dresses.

Audrie displaying her face paint which she politely bossed the face painter into exactly how she wanted it done. ha! Probably should have made her middle name BossyPants.

Picture day at Audrie's ballet class last weekend. Her recital is next weekend.... can't wait!

I took the girls to their first yoga class (for kids).

Jamie and I had dinner at one of our favorite soul food restaurants in Harlem last week.

And I finally got FRIED OKRA (so hard to find in this city!).

Apologies for this photo... but Audrie has been asking WAY too many questions lately about stuff I'm not prepared to talk about with a 5 year old, so I've been doing my research. Ugh... parenthood is weird!

Took a few of my students on a field trip to Yankee Stadium for a baseball game. Fun! Only 15 more days of teaching in NYC. What a story I have...

Ok, just wanted to catch you up on a few things from our past weeks. So many things coming up in the next couple weeks... Annie's "graduation", Audrie's dance recital, and us leaving this city to start our next chapter in life.

We went to a concert this weekend where our friend Jason was performing with the Broadway Inspirational Voices. One of the many amazing songs they sang was called "Expect the Great"- about why not trust God to work it out in your life? Stop worrying and expect great things to happen.

So I wrote that on our chalkboard in our hallway as our motto for this transition in our life...