Sunday, August 24, 2008

extreme fan club

Jamie is playing in a tennis tournament this weekend and the other day he was telling our friend, Jim, about it and Jim said he and Emily wanted to come watch Jamie play tennis sometime. I guess Jamie told him he was a little hesitant about having an audience and that spurred Jim on to a great idea. He called me later and told me that we should all surprise Jamie at one of his games this weekend... Super Fan style. Jim and Emily decided that we needed tshirts with Jamie's face on them, banners, signs, visors, etc- all proudly boasting Jamie's name. I knew Jamie would probably die of embarrassment but life is short and you have to have a little fun, right? So we did it. We showed up at his game yesterday afternoon all decked out in our "Go Jamie" gear and cheered on our boy! Jamie was definitely surprised and even seemed amused with his fan section. He played awesomely and won the match! Here are some photos...

The chalice in Jim's hand here was a "trophy" they brought for Jamie... I guess like the big silver one you kiss when you win the US Open! (And, yes, Jim is wearing a pink shirt!)
Audrie was Jamie's "# 1 Fan"!

Even Baby Ben sported his "Jamie's Fan Club" onesie...!
Audrie likes watching her daddy ace his opponents!
She did get a little sleepy towards the end of the match, but I kept her entertained on the sidelines.

She is already looking forward to her first tennis lesson from her daddy.
Thanks, Jim and Emily, for the hilarious idea and amazing cheerleading gear! Jamie plays in the finals today, so hopefully he will win so he can put that sweet trophy on his shelf!