Wednesday, January 27, 2010

everyone needs an intern

For some reason the University of Arkansas trusts me enough to send me a few student teacher interns every couple of years. Either they think I am a qualified mentor... or they are desperate. :) But I'm not complaining- I love having these young ladies doing my job for me for awhile. It takes me a day or two to convince them that sixth grade boys are not really pure evil, but after these interns get the "snap and glare" perfected then they are off and running. Earlier this year I had Bethany and she was one of the best interns I've had in a really long time. The kids and I were sad to see her leave! This semester I have Pam and she is already doing an amazing job after just a week with the kids. She is really sweet and extremely patient with the students (maybe I'll learn from her)!And I appreciate the UA sending me interns at a time when I need to be off my feet more anyways. This baby belly is already starting to give me some real aches and pains. So I'm more than happy to let these interns get some classroom teaching time while I sit back and fill out their evaluations (aka- browse the internet for nursery decor ideas)! :)