Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a fun saturday

This past Saturday was pretty jam packed for the three of us but lots of fun. We started off early that morning at my nephew's basketball game. Jacob was pretty impressive out there on the court! And my niece, Emma, was a great cheerleader on the sidelines and got Audrie involved in the cheering, too. The two of them did cartwheels in between the quarters (well... Audrie thought she was doing some great cartwheels, so we didn't tell her that putting your head on the ground and sticking your butt in the air doesn't really count). Kim up too early on a Saturday...? :) After the game we went to a pancake breakfast at the kid's elementary. (All you can eat pancakes and sausage... HELLO? Preggo heaven.)
It was really fun to watch the pancake dude cranking out a million pancakes a minute and throwing them at our plates. Jacob caught his! Audrie was not interested in catching pancakes. But was excited to eat them (my kind of girl!). Group hug for Uncle Jamie! Pretty "Lowery" girls. :)
After the breakfast we took Audrie to Border's for a special Elmo birthday party event, but we didn't stay long because Audrie was getting tired and I was starting to get some random pregnant nausea (surely it had nothing to do with the two plates of pancakes I ate...?). We were supposed to go to another basketball game that afternoon for Jamie's cousin Cory, but only Jamie went because Audrie crashed and I was still so sick. Hopefully Cory will be playing another game in the area soon so we can go see him play!