Sunday, February 21, 2010

for better or worse

Jamie took me out last weekend for a Valentine's date and we had a really great time. He rented a private jet and we flew to Vienna to see an Italian opera. Ok, really we went to dinner and movie 15 minutes from our house- but I couldn't have had asked for a better date. We got to eat a long relaxing dinner and talked about us and our life together and how we went on our first date 14 years ago! Then we went and saw the incredibly sappy but super cute movie Valentine's Day (I cried in a few spots... it really was a sweet movie and I thank my husband for sitting through it with me)! We sat in Starbucks and tried to pretend we were on vacation in NYC sipping some coffee before going to a show. (It almost worked.) And we actually stayed out til 1am (oooooh such rebels). But just being out on a date with the love of my life was all I needed. I might just decide to keep him around for awhile.