Friday, February 19, 2010

valentines day

This past weekend I took Audrie to a Valentine's Day party! It was super cute and I was a little over excited about it. But she was invited by a BOY... oooohhh. :) Anyways it was a really fun party at Gymboree (which Audrie LOVES playing there). They passed out instruments for the kids to play around the room in a parade.Audrie did great marching in the little parade and playing her drum like a true child of band geek alumni! I know I have extra pregnancy hormones kicking in, but I honestly did tear up a little to see her marching and playing an instrument. I'm such a nerd!
They did some hula hooping...And bubbles of course!Cole was such a little cutey at the party! I'm so glad he invited Audrie. :)Did I mention Audrie loves Gymboree??Dance party!And giving Gymbo the Clown some hugs...They had cupcakes, cookies and juice for the kids. Tons of sugar! Audrie started out being all dainty with her cupcake.But gave in and devoured it like a toddler should.Then they had the kids do a cute little craft. Audrie did really good with it, but mostly wanted to smear tons of glue on everything.I'm so glad Audrie and I got to attend this adorable little Valentine Party. I'm not sure how many parties in her life she'll let her mom tag along for, so I'll enjoy it while I can.