Saturday, March 20, 2010

audrie's first sleepover

Last night Ben came over to play and stay the night. I'm not sure if there is a spot in the baby book for "first friend sleepover" but these two were so incredibly cute together!
They played forever in Audrie's new sandbox.
They both "talk" nonstop to each other, but I sure don't know what they are saying in their secret toddler code.
Ben had only been there a little while when Audrie started putting the moves on him...!

We went for a walk around the neighborhood (since it was 60 degrees out! whoo hoo!) and some people we walked by asked if they were twins.
Bathtime! Had to get all that sand out of the creases!
And of course a sleepover isn't complete until you've jumped on the bed for awhile, right?
They sang and danced around to their favorite songs.
And took turns on the lead guitar...
Say "cheese", Ben!
Before bedtime we let them watch a movie and eat a snack. (I know from their faces it looks like we are letting them watch an intense movie, but it really was just The Lion King!)
They both crashed at 8:30 without a peep and slept soundly all night. A highly successful first sleepover! Maybe next time they'll play truth or dare and have a pillow fight...?