Tuesday, March 02, 2010

counting down

I can't believe we only have 80 days left! So excited!
Here are the rest of those photos Jamie took for me this weekend! These pictures help me not be so grouchy about my pregnancy aches and pains. :)

Everything has been going just wonderfully with this pregnancy so far. I am LOVING all the kicks and movements I feel from Annie all day long. The other night she was actually giving me little high fives (I could very specifically feel her hand hitting the top of my belly and I laid my hand there and just felt her brush her hand against mine several times in a row... it was amazing... I couldn't stop smiling!).

And when I lay down in bed at night she just goes crazy (finally has room to stretch, I guess) so Jamie gets to feel her little dance party for a few minutes, too. And if she pops up just enough you can feel both her head and butt at the same time and for a moment you can "hold" her in both your hands. (And I can also give her a spanking for making me nauseous. ha!)

I've started going to the doctor every two weeks now and feeling like time is really counting down to the day we get to meet this little girl. 11 weeks will go by in a flash!

I've been doing pretty good with my exercise so far. I try to go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week and I've actually been keeping up with my running (which is honestly more like a super slow jog that I like to call a "wog"... sort of a waddled fast walking jog pace!).

I've put on twenty pounds so far, but with Audrie I gained the most weight in the last ten weeks- so we'll see if I reach my "fighting weight". :)

I'm excited to have a tiny baby to hold again and all the joy that comes with a newborn, but I'm nervous about all the other fun of delirious sleep depravity, post partum recovery, getting spit up on and pooped on all day, and praying this baby will be healthy and happy.

Jamie had a little graffiti session on my belly! (ABC are Annie's initials by the way...)

I really am about exactly the same size this time around but I feel a million times huger- I don't know why that is!

Here I am trying to show how huge I really feel!
Thanks, Jamie, for being such an amazing photographer... husband... and daddy. Your "girls" are so lucky to have you!!

Hurry Annie Beth!