Thursday, March 04, 2010

the longest winter EVER

The sun is starting to win against old man winter and this week we can FINALLY play outside! Poor Audrie has had a long winter indoors. We've been trying to keep her from going stir crazy. Several times we would all bundle up and go for a walk around the neighborhood even if just for a few minutes of cold fresh air.
She does love her wagon!
And of course we've been doing lots and lots of artwork. She painted a tile for the Seven Hills Tile Project (You can go to any Arvest Bank and buy a tile for $25. The money goes to the homeless shelter and they are going to permanently place the tiles onto a wall at the Pinnacle Mall. I think you still have until next Friday to turn in your painted tile.)

(No painting is perfect unless you get the paint on your neck, right?!)
We've been to a few birthday parties lately and Audrie gets really excited when I tell her we are going to a "happy birthday party". She starts talking about cake and candy and presents (which it took a few parties to get her to be ok with the fact that the presents are not for her).
She had a blast at Collin's birthday party last weekend!
Jamie and I work in the nursery at church every other week and it is... um... quite an experience! 15 two year olds for 90 minutes is awesome. Audrie has a blast in there so we just try to hang on for the ride. It wouldn't be so tough, but the church has a new curriculum we have to do each time- bible stories (with a felt board oh yeh!), songs we teach them, a short bible verse with sign language, snack time and a new craft project each week. AND you never know what stage of potty training each kid is in, so I change diapers and take kids to the potty in the middle of all this FUN! (Notice Jamie is just standing there. Staring.)
Every two weeks we take a quick snapshot of my growing belly just to watch the transformation in the photos and compare to last time. Audrie likes to get in on the belly portraits. (I'm a little worried that someone will get a camera out and she'll lift up her shirt...)
But she likes my big ol' belly even if there is getting to be less room in my lap these days.
So that's what Audrie has been up to as we patiently await the spring sunshine! Hope you all are getting out and enjoying the sunny temperatures this week!