Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I mentioned that we got bunk beds for Audrie's room, but I forgot to say how much I truly appreciate Jim for helping Jamie put those together! And for all the help he did with rearranging our house. Thank you thank you, Jim!!
Audrie's room is looking so much like a "big girl" room now. *sniff* She's growing up!
I didn't buy any bedding for her beds instead I just put some cheap sheets on there for now. She is using the same blankets we had in her toddler bed because I thought it would help the transition be easier. But I shouldn't have worried because she is in love with her new bed and would probably sleep on the bare mattress just as fine!
So far she hasn't tried to climb the ladder, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she is turning into a jungle gym.
We also got her a new taller dresser since we are using her old one in the nursery (her old dresser is shorter and it doubles as a changing table, too).
I'd like to put a little toddler table and chair in this corner for her to do her artwork and write her memoirs... :)
It really has been super fun redoing these rooms and making preparations for Annie. Audrie is starting to talk more about "the baby" and her "sissy" that is coming soon. She actually seems to understand that the new nursery is for the baby. I'm sure she doesn't understand how her world is about to change..!