Sunday, April 11, 2010

nursery update

Working on Annie's nursery has been SO fun! (It's been a comforting distraction from my swollen feet and newly acquired stretch marks.) I just got this pillow off and I selected all the fabrics to match her room.
The bedding is still coming along, all we have left is the actual blanket for the crib. I know all the fabrics are really busy patterns, but I love it that way!
Jamie painted this old bookshelf we had in the garage and it turned out really cute.
And he picked out this totally adorable piggy bank for Annie, too! He's such a good daddy.
We hung a few shelves on the walls and have frames all ready and waiting for some amazing Kim Photography. (Kitty is not part of the decor...)
Although our loving cat has already left a welcome message for this new baby... by peeing all over the rocker chair. (It took some amazing super powered urine de-funker spray to get it all out.) Thanks, kitty.
And we got a rug for the floor from Target. It is super soft!
Still trying to get the closet organized and ready for Annie to arrive.
With all of Audrie's dresses (and a couple new ones from friends and family). A girl can't have ALL hand-me-downs, right? :)
I hung a ribbon in the closet for the hairbows (she will have to share those with her sister).
Little accessories all ready for some newborn baby photo shoots. :)
And I love going into Annie's room and opening the drawers to see these tiny onesies just waiting for a little baby to fill them.
Most of these are Audrie's but I got a few news ones, like this one, at the Rhea Lana consignment sale last month.
There are still a few things I have left to do in the nursery. I need to recover this chair with some new fabric, but I just can't decide what color to do. Right now it's a rose red color and I don't know if I want to do turquoise, pink, or a neutral color...?? Plus I'm a little intimidated by trying to do those buttons, too. Any volunteers to do it for me?! :)
I also need to hang these flowers that I bought for the wall. (This is the sample photo from the website.) They are super cute but I just can't decide where to put them in the room.
That's the latest on Annie's nursery. I am LOVING working on it! There are still several practical things we need before this baby arrives, but doing all the decorative stuff is way more fun!