Saturday, April 10, 2010


I think Jamie may be "nesting" too because the past few weekends he has been working me way too hard around the house. Painting, cleaning, organizing...! (Or maybe it's his new coffee pot that he got... too much caffeine!) He has been Mr Fix It lately and dragging me along for the ride. I've also been keeping busy with several photo shoots lately that I can't wait to share, but in the meantime here are some random Audrie photos.

The other morning I went to wake her up and this is where I found her (sound asleep with her blanket and stuffed animal)...

We took her to Chuck E Cheese the other night and she had a blast. That place is still a little too crazy for me, but Jamie had never been before so it was time for him to experience it!
That's it for now. We are enjoying this wonderful weekend!! Hope you are too.