Wednesday, April 07, 2010

easter sunday

On Sunday we made a quick drive over to Green Forest for church and an Easter lunch with Jamie's family. (I think in this next photo Audrie is discussing cute shoes with Dylan...)
There are a few cousins Audrie's age that she got to do an egg hunt with after lunch.
And she was READY this time! Bring on the candy filled eggs! :)
Dylan and Jess were on a mission, too!
Melanie did have to help Jess a little, but he loved finding the eggs.
And they had a good cheering section...
Here is Dylan showing off his sweet camo basket.
And Audrie pausing to take a quick inventory of her candy stash.
Audrie was too busy eating candy to smile for a photo.
Ok, well maybe a half smile...
Keeton was so nice to help the little boys open their eggs.
It was way too windy to get a family picture, but we tried.
The weather was actually wonderful, but the wind was really blowing!
Tiffanie did better at getting her two boys to pose for a photo.

It was a fun afternoon with family and the kiddos! Although we may have to send Audrie to rehab for some serious candy detox.