Sunday, April 04, 2010

a whole lot

I don't know at what point in your life you finally realize you've lost your mind. But I'm officially there. The first "bout" of pregnancy left me a little dazed and confused, but this time around I seem to have completely lost any sanity I was clinging to.
I lose everything. I forget everything. I've shut the garage door on my vehicle more than too many times. I walk down the hall and then hope I can remember what I was going to do. And yesterday I dialed my phone to call Jamie and then in a nano second I completely forgot that I had called anyone and just sat there with the phone in my hand... lost in my thoughts. I guess there is no minimum age for the nursing home, right??!

Anyways, since I'm so disorganized lately I'm way behind on some blogs I've been meaning to post. So I decided just to dump then all into one big post here...

The other day we got Audrie a pet goldfish. She thinks it is the greatest thing ever and stares at the little fish bowl forever! (And she had a blast in the pet store while we were there... she could have stayed in that store looking at all the animals for a long time- I need to remember that for a fun rainy day activity... if I can remember... ha!)

By the way, I got a new camera app for my phone called Hipstamatic and that's what I took all these photos with. It's SO fun and I didn't edit these photos at all... I just snapped away with my phone and loaded them up like this! Super easy and makes some really unique photos!

Did you know that one goldfish cost 27 cents?! So cheap! I had no idea.

Audrie picked out a cute little fella that we named "Sushi". :)

He is now the center piece on our dining table and Audrie loves him (and it's pretty funny to watch her try to say his name!).

Ok, in other news... the teachers at my school had a baby shower for me. SO sweet of them to do that! Here I am in the back yard of the teacher's house where they threw the shower (thanks, Mel, for the photo!).

Can't believe we are going to be a family of four soon!
I realized I didn't take a photo of all the teachers there but here is a table of a few. (The librarian, Janine, is who hosted the shower and her house is crazy cute!) She had tons of wonderful food and even made root beer floats for everyone! How awesome is that? (When is the last time you went to a baby shower and had a root beer float?) I loved it! The teachers got me such gracious gifts! I was blown away by all the wonderful things for Annie. She is already getting so spoiled! :)
Thank you, Janine, for the amazing baby shower. Luv u!!
Yesterday my mom and I took Audrie to a local Easter egg hunt.
There were SO many kids there, but the weather was perfect and we had a great time. My mom gave Audrie the low down on the egg hunting concept...
But after she showed Audrie that there was candy inside the eggs... its was ON. No more explanation needed!
There was a little stand off and my mom had to intervene for a moment. This vicious (ha!) looking girl had taken an egg from Audrie's basket and it was tense for a second. :)
Audrie was eating the candy out the eggs faster then she could find them! But, my goodness, she was happy!
So happy, that she didn't even scream on the Easter bunny's lap. She even gave him a high-five!
So proud of my little girl!
Ok, then last night we colored Easter eggs with Audrie. (Don't ask about her attire... doesn't everyone dye eggs topless??)
We had a dye kit that came with food color markers, so Audrie got to do some art work on the eggs.
And me, too!
I really could dye and decorate eggs for a long time. I love it! Mixing and matching the colors until your eggs finally start turning a funky brown color and you have to quit. (Seems like I remember as a kid my brother, Eric, was always determined to make the ugliest egg possible.)
Luckily we didn't end up with any ugly eggs and Audrie had a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see if the next time we cook something with eggs- if she wants to color on them..!
Ok, that's all of my huge blog update for now! I hope each of you have a truly blessed Easter. I just love how this time of celebrating Christ being risen again- coincides with all the trees blooming and flowers budding and sunshine beaming down! God is good!