Saturday, May 15, 2010

audrie's first sleepover

Last weekend Audrie went to her first sleepover! (She's stayed at both her grandmas house before as a baby, but this was her first "real" sleepover.) She went and stayed all night with her cousins, Jacob and Emma... whom she ADORES (and regularly thanks Jesus for them in her nighttime prayers).

Kim sent me some photos to document Audrie's big occasion. So cute!

And apparently she did great. Played hard, went to sleep great in their bunkbeds and slept sound until morning. Which she does at home of course, but I was curious to see how she would do all night at someone elses house. But she had a great time and I'm sure wishes I would let her do sleepovers all the time!
And once Annie arrives I'll probably be more than happy to let Audrie go stay with friends! :)