Sunday, May 16, 2010

got game?

Saturday morning I took Audrie yard saleing (is that a verb??) to try to find her some board games. Lately she's really been into "playing" them (as in... she moves the tokens around and makes up her own version of how she thinks it should be played). But I thought I'd try to find her some better games that she could actually learn to play. I was SO excited because I found several GREAT games (and all for just a couple bucks... whoo hoo!).
It's hard to know which is her favorite so far, but she is WAY addicted to playing all these games. As soon as she wakes up... "Game, mommy? Game?!"
I got some fun classic ones too- Let's Go Fishing, Hungry Hippos, Don't Break the Ice, Kerplunk, and a few other random board games. And she is having a blast with them.
Ok, who am I kidding... really I am having a blast with them, too!
But I can't help it... playing board games with my kids is one of those "mommy moments" I've looked forward to. My mom always played a ton of games with us (except hers were always extra creative like "Hide From Mommy and If I See You Then You Have to Take a Nap"...).