Sunday, May 09, 2010

oh say can you see

Our children's choir was invited to sing the national anthem at the start of a Natural's Baseball game this weekend. Our singers were really excited to have this fun opportunity! Jamie and I went earlier in the week to scope things out and took Audrie with us.
She really was fascinated by all the festivities (mostly the huge mascot).
The guy coordinating our choir coming to perform gave Jamie and I free tickets to come out check things out and we had great seats right behind home plate.
We didn't stay long- just enough to see how things were going to go with the choir performing and let Audrie experience her first baseball game. She really enjoyed it though!
So on Friday night we arrived with our singers all excited to sing!
One of our singers got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. He was great! (They offered to let me do it, but I would have had to waddle about three feet from home plate to even get the ball close to the catcher's mitt!)
The kids sang so wonderfully! I was very proud of them.
They did warn us about 5 minutes before we sang that there would be fireworks going off in the middle of our "bombs bursting in air" singing. (Good thing they warned me... would have hated to have my water break right there from the startle!)
My friend Kate took these two pictures for me (there the kids are on the big screen...).
It was really super fun to get to direct the kids out there on the field! I was just relieved to make it that night with my due date so close.
And it was sort of a fundraiser, too, the choir sold 200 tickets to family and friends to come cheer us on (and the choir got to keep a percentage of the ticket sales for our program). So it was great to have a huge crowd of supporters there! (And my mom, of course, my number one fan...)
My brother Caleb even took a break from his college finals to be there for me.
At the end of the game they had a huge fireworks show that was awesome! (It's really tough to take photos of fireworks, but I gave it my best shot.)
Thank you to all the family and friends that came out to support our kiddos. It was a great night! Can't wait to do it again next year!