Thursday, May 27, 2010

one day at a time

Ok fine. I'll wave my white flag and let you shake your finger at me and say I TOLD YOU SO. Having two kiddos IS hard. And Annie is THE easiest baby on the planet and still Jamie and I looked at each other last night and said "are we gonna make it?!". He went back to work today and the smile on his face couldn't be bigger as he went to his office of buddies to watch the French Open on his one of ten tvs and pretend to work all day. He even said "I wonder if my boss will let me work this weekend, too??". I could have punched him in the face. The problem is not our sweet baby Annie (who, honestly, is "practically perfect in every way"), it's that we are not used to being home all day with the fiery tornado of energy otherwise known as Audrie. Of course we LOVE and adore Audrie and her awesome personality, but we've loved it from 4pm to 8pm every evening! So it's been quite an adjustment for everyone. I just keep singing... "One day at time, sweet Jesus". Plus my wise mother told me it WILL get easier and she's never wrong...

So anways, here is what we've been up to lately:

We've had lots of company coming to visit the new baby! I really tried to remember to take a photo of everyone who came to hold Annie, but I sadly failed and left tons of people out. We also had a cute photo mat for people to sign a message for Annie and, again, I forgot several people. Sorry!
(click the photo to enlarge)

Audrie has still been super cute with Annie- helping me change diapers, running and getting stuff for me, singing to and rocking Annie... it's been adorable watching her with her "sissy". We do have to remind her a lot to be gentle but over all Audrie is doing amazing with the baby!
We've been trying to give Annie one bottle of breastmilk every day so she it won't be too much of adjustment when I have to miss a feeding. And she has done GREAT with the bottle. (But, like I said, Annie has been easy with everything so far... she really is the most laid back baby ever.)
I have been really looking forward to having a baby in my sling again and it is just as fun as I had remembered! Annie loves it, too. My little kangaroo baby!
Our neighbors, Terri and Stuart, brought over a present for Audrie (a Mrs. Potato head) which Audrie LOVES playing with. And the other day she decided to put the toy earrings on...!
(I told her to make a silly face and this what she gave me...)
And, oh my goodness, THE best present in the whole wide world... our neighbors Becca and Sam moved two weeks ago and they left this huge pink playhouse in their back yard. So I waited a week and then I called and asked what they were planning to do with it and they said we could HAVE it. Jamie spent some time scrubbing it clean and from the moment he got it set up- Audrie has LIVED in this thing. She wakes up and the first word on her lips is... house?! It's awesome.
We were at my parents house the other day and they taught Audrie how to open and eat peanuts so here she is enjoying a snack in her house.
And she also "cooks" ALL day long in her house. She brings us little samples of her culinary work and tells us a great story of the ingredients... usually chicken, french fries and pie. Yum!
I know she looks a little sunburnt in these photos but it's really just the reflection of the pink playhouse on her skin. Although Audrie does have a much better tan than anyone else in the family because she loves being outside.
And last but not least, the ice cream truck has finally returned to our neighborhood. It's been about 2 years since we've seen him (tough economic times, I guess??) but last night we were all out in the front yard playing and Jamie's ears perked up like a little hound dog. He heard in the faint distance the tunes of the ice cream truck. The horrible torture is that you can hear it for about 30 minutes before it finally turns down our street!
But we got some ice cream and the nice man promised to return every Tuesday and Saturday evening. So you KNOW where we will be!
At 7:30am this morning Audrie informed me that she was going outside to wait for the ice cream truck... gonna be a long wait, girl!
Ok, there you have it. Our riveting week in review. Thank you to everyone who has visited and brought us yummy dinners. And for those of you who think you'll get to come over and cuddle a sweet baby... beware that we make you run a few laps with the toddler first! ;)