Monday, June 21, 2010

29 again... and again and again

Maintaining 29 is tough, but I managed to celebrate it again this past week. And I shared the birthday with Annie since she turned one month on the 18th. Audrie was at her Grandma Cornett's for the weekend, so Jamie took Annie and I out for a birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant, Copland's. I was so excited I actually put makeup on! (Not sure what Annie is doing in this photo...)
Friday morning Annie and I got out to do some shopping and I treated myself to my first caffeine in ten months. Java Chip Frappicino from Starbucks (and they even had a 'birthday cake' donut that I had to have, too, of course).
Then I met my brother, Caleb (whom I share a birthday with) and my mom for lunch in Fayetteville.
My mom brought the most crazy looking cupcakes for us to blow out some candles. Super sweet of her! Can't believe Caleb is 20. Not a teenager anymore. And finishing up the last year of his architecture degree at the UA (a 5 year program). So proud of him!
After a fun filled birthday, Annie and I went to the Burrow's for dinner and Emily made me a funfetti birthday cake! So nice of her! (I don't have any photos because Annie was fussing the whole time and we actually had to cut the evening short because she was so cranky... I guess that's what I get for drinking all that caffeine!). So Annie and I went home and crashed!
Since both Jamie and Audrie were gone (Jamie left to go on a guy's camping/float trip)- it was just me and Annie (two worn out birthday girls) snoozing soundly. She is awful cuddly! :)
It was truly a happy birthday and I am looking forward to a wonderful year of being 29. Again.