Monday, June 21, 2010

one month old

Our sweet Annie is one month old (and actually 5 weeks tomorrow... I'm behind on blogging!). We are so in love with this little girl. Yes, she still sleeps. Alot. But when she is awake she is showing off her personality more and more.
I took her for her one month check up at the pediatrician on Friday and she had gained two pounds (whoo hoo!) and grown two inches. My goodness. I knew she was a good eater, but I felt like a proud dairy cow when I saw she had grown so much.
She makes the BEST happy faces right after she's done eating. I can never capture them quick enough but managed to grab my cell phone and snap the one above. For the most part she is an extremely easy baby. We are still sticking to our guns on "no pacifier" this time. And it's been tough a few times in the evening when she gets so fussy before bedtime. But that has only happened a few times so we are hoping to not give into the pacifier temptation. Yet. :)

Annie still loves being swaddled. She also loves being in her swing. A few times in the past few days she has started to "coo" at me... showing signs of wanting to get her voice heard. (I told her if she wanted to get a word in edgewise with Audrie around- she better start talking now!)

Annie has moved out of newborn diapers and wears size 1 now. And her newborn sized clothes are too snug and she is wearing her 0-3 month clothes. Her hair still has the slightest bit of a red-ish tint, but who knows what it will end up... probably blond.

She eats every three hours during the day (almost to the minute- very punctual gal) and at night she goes 4-5 hours (wakes up just once to eat). Although the other night she did sleep for 6 hours!! I don't think she's far from sleeping through night so that is exciting! Can't wait to watch her change and grow and learn so much over the next few months. It goes by so fast!
We love you, baby Annie!