Tuesday, June 08, 2010

well hello there

Look who's awake...!
After twenty days on this earth, little miss Annie decides to wake up and see what's going on!
She can almost stay awake a full hour after eating. Quite an accomplishment, right? :)
So we are seeing more of her eyes these days and starting to hear more of her voice (we've discovered she has a nice loud wailing cry... fun!).
So not only does she eat, sleep and poop- now she occasionally throws a big fit just because she can. (Jamie's comment was "well she IS a girl...")
And she's been trying SO hard to hold her little head up.
I wish you could witness how hard she is fighting just to keep her head up for a quick second here! Such a workout!
Her first official fist bump...
"What's up, world?! I'm Annie Beth. Nice to meet you."