Monday, June 07, 2010

trip to the safari

Last weekend we took a little day trip to the Wildlife Wilderness Safari in Gentry. We've been there a couple times but not since Audrie was about 18 months old, so we thought we'd let her go check out all the critters again. Of course she LOVED it.
Guess what Annie did... slept in my sling. Shocking, I know.
I was surprised that Jamie actually got Audrie to ride a horse.
But she thought it was pretty cool!
And I couldn't get it in a photo, but this baby monkey had a pacifier and Audrie was very overly concerned about this monkey and his paci!
She kept luring him over with pieces of crumbs off the ground... I'm pretty sure she would have snatched his paci if she could have!
Her "rawr" face...
She didn't want to pet the turtles... and I don't blame her.
I love her face in this next photo... "can I really pet the kangaroo, daddy?"

It was so strange to have random animals walking beside you on the paths...
Audrie liked the baby kitties a lot, too.
Jamie and Audrie laughing at the spider monkeys swinging around on their ropes.
Guess there is no doubt where she got that mouth...
We drove through the rest of the safari park and saw all the tigers, lions, hippos, etc. I didn't get many good photos of the drive-through portion, but I did like how the zebra was reflecting in the water in this photo I took...
And Jamie played a little game of bumper cars with a longhorn steer...
We had a good time!