Sunday, June 06, 2010

mommy must haves

(WARNING DISCLAIMER: if you've never had babies or never plan to have babies or just in general don't like to hear about leaking breastmilk or milky boobies- then you should probably skip this post!)

Ok, there are a few new mommy items that I've been privileged to have this time around that I just had to share about. I know some of these items you have already heard about or used, but just in case you didn't know here are some of my new favorite things:

First of all, I am in LOVE with these nursing bras my mom got me. I don't know why every new mom in the world doesn't own one of these. They are amazing. You don't leak on your shirt at ALL. I swear to you, it's true. I got to get OUT last night and go play Bunco with a big group of gal pals while Jamie stayed home with Annie (thanks, Jamie!). I was a little worried about not feeding or pumping and how my shirt would probably be soaked. And honestly my milk was leaking really bad the whole time I was out and I called Jamie at one point to check in and heard Annie crying in the background (Jamie was warming up her bottle) and my milk exploded when I heard her, but it NEVER got my shirt wet. These nursing bras are awesome! Here is the website to order them:
(And PS- word to the wise... I forgot the name of the website so I started trying to guess the site and typed in "oh mama"... yeh, I got quite the peep show. Yikes!)

Ok, next are these lovely things called Lily Pads (you can get them at the Motherhood store in the mall or I think even Target has them maybe?). Anyways, these things are awesome too because you just stick 'em on and they prevent you from leaking. I like them for sleeping at night without a bra. The only negative thing I've noticed about these is that they will probably work better when my milk flow has regulated a little better and is not so heavy- because a few times I've leaked out of these Lily Pads because I just had too much milk to try to seal in.

And we are in love with this swaddle blanket that Annie has been living in for two weeks (ok, we have two that we alternate while we wash them, so she is clean!). I think you can get them at Walmart, but they are so neat because they have velcro fasteners that make it so easy to swaddle her tight. Anytime she gets a little fussy we just bundle her up in this nifty blankie and she coos herself to sleep. The only downfall is that it is a little warm, so we can't use them if we take her outside or on a walk or anything. But my mom did make me some lightweight swaddling blankets to use this summer. But for now Annie loves this thing!

And actually here are Annie's thoughts on her swaddling blanket...

And lastly, we just got a video baby monitor a few weeks ago (Jamie's mom and Aunts got it for us a baby gift) and we LOVE it. We've actually just been using it in Audrie's room for now since Annie is sleeping in a bassinet in our room. But we ordered a second camera for Annie's room and when that comes in she will be sleeping in her room at night. But it's so wonderful to be able to look in Audrie's room and see if she is really sleeping or how many pairs of shoes she has drug out of her closet and is trying to put them on her dolls. It's so nice to be able to check on her without going in her room. I am excited to get the second camera for Annie's room! Also the sound is GREAT on these too- you can actually hear Audrie breathing in her sleep on this monitor (of course you can also hear her belting out the theme to Elmo's world when she's supposed to be taking a nap). The video quality is awesome and it has night vision so you can see if Audrie's eyes are closed even in the dark. You can get one at Target or

There you have it! A few items that make my life easier.