Saturday, June 05, 2010

gone to grandmas

Jamie's mom came to visit on Friday morning and ended up taking Audrie home with her for the weekend. I've been having a really tough time adjusting to life with TWO and I feel like all I do is discipline Audrie all day long. Annie is not a hard baby, but just the nature of feeding every three hours (and Annie is a slow eater and then I have to change her diaper and get her cleaned up and swaddled and settled for her next nap) makes it tough to expect Audrie to entertain herself for an hour every three hours... let alone do any dishes or laundry or showering. (Of course my friends are quick to point out that I seem to make time for blogging... ha! I have to get a few moments to vent my frustrations, right??).

Anyways, so Donna was sweet enough to take Audrie home with her for a few days. And even though Audrie has been driving me crazy at times, I still didn't want to let my little girl go! Yes we have been battling each other but in between those moments I do love kissing Audrie's sweet face, playing games with her, reading books, and listening to all the funny things she's been saying lately. So I do miss her a lot this weekend! But she's having a great time with her grandma...

Miss you, Audrie!