Friday, July 23, 2010

nothing says summer like a snow cone

I have been complaining all summer about how I haven't had a snow cone yet. It's almost the end of July and not ONE snow cone! So finally last night Jamie took us girls out to try a snow cone stand just south of Lowell.
I got my favorite snow cone flavor- coconut! We got Audrie a rainbow one because it was colorful and she loved it. Jamie tried an Andy's Chocolate Mint snow cone and I thought it was disgusting, but he liked it. Chocolate flavored ice? Yeck. But Audrie loved the snow cones so we'll have to go back and try all a million of their flavors they had on the menu.
Sweet Annie fell asleep on the way there so we left her next to us in the air conditioned car. So no snow cone for her. Maybe next summer! :)
Thanks, babe, for the snow cones! It's July 23rd and I can now say it's officially summer. :)
Wonder how many more we can eat before summer ends?!