Wednesday, July 28, 2010

take me to your leader

Oh Audrie. Hanging out with this two year old all summer has been entertaining to say the least! So she is still so awesome with being a big sister. She LOVES Annie. Wants to kiss her, hug her, sing to her, teach her things all day long. Audrie would make Annie her own personal baby doll if I would let her. I have to intervene at times and give poor Annie a break.
She would smother Annie with love. (Annie actually doesn't ever seem to care but I have to stop Audrie at about 20 kisses and say ok enough!) 
And I know this next picture is not a very flattering picture of Audrie... but I get the idea that this is the way Annie sees her crazy sister!
But we love our sweet Audrie!
And she cleans toilets now, too!
(ok, I'm not a mean mother... I was cleaning the bathroom and Audrie wanted to help!)