Saturday, August 21, 2010

three months old

I snapped a couple quick photos of Annie the other morning as she was waking up. (I'm trying to keep her baby book updated with her monthly photos and stats and so far I've been doing pretty good.)
Raise your hand if you're a sweet girl....

She is so much fun to talk to... just coos and smiles and makes so many adorable faces at you!
Audrie likes to crawl in Annie's crib with her. I usually tell her no (because Annie needs her own space away from her sister!) but that morning I let her get in there with her. It's amazing how even at just a couple months you can already see little signs of how much they love each other!
But I love Annie's face here. Like she's rolling her eyes and saying "OMG... she is SO immature". 
And this one... "Ok, mom, are you going to save me from her, or what??".
I love my little girls! So much fun. (Remind me of these times when they are 15 and 13 and fighting over clothes...)