Sunday, September 05, 2010

annie's baby dedication

A few Sunday's ago we had Annie's baby dedication at church. It was really cute and the church did a wonderful ceremony where we pledged to raise Annie to love Jesus. (We snapped a few photos in the kitchen before we left for church...)

I unforunately don't have any photos of the actual dedication ceremony. It's totally my fault the pictures didn't turn out. I gave my camera to Jamie's cousin Erin to snap some photos for us and I thought I had everything set for her on the manual settings, but I forgot to account for the fact that they were going turn on some bright spotlights on us on stage, so all the photos were way too bright. (Erin, it's not your fault... I should have set it on an automatic setting!).
I did try to save these two photos of us on stage but you'll just have to imagine it was a lovely service!
Jamie's mom came to church with us, too, to help celebrate Annie's big day.
Thank you, Brandon and Erin, for being there too! :)